What we do: Marketing

There’s a lot of chatter about websites and social media, but also a lot of confusion.  Many businesses are wondering where to start? What tools should you use?  How much time will it take?  What will it cost?  What is the ROI?

Business owners are confused for good reason.  The terminology and tools are changing daily. There is no shortage of traditional media reports telling businesses why and where they need to be online, but few tell how to do it successfully.

Ki Communications uses ALERT® a proven methodology that marries our traditional communications expertise with new technologies. We create online strategies that help you cut through the clutter and show you how to design, launch and monitor an online web presence that will deliver real world results.

ASSESS : A comprehensive audit of a website, its online presence, that of the competitors, a look at where target audiences are gathering, and industry best practices.

LOCATE & ENGAGE: Strategies that allow businesses to talk with rather than at their customers. The digital strategy identifies the tools, approach and timeline to meet.

RESPOND & TRACK: A monthly report that tracks traffic, trends and customer behaviour allowing businesses to adjust course and deliver ongoing results.