Cindy Filipenko, Associate

For more than three decades, Cindy has helped organizations and individuals tell compelling stories for a variety of media. She is passionate about endeavours and individuals that are changing the social landscape, challenging conventions, and making the world more equitable. She loves the opportunity to profile and promote the people and places that are working for positive social change.

Cindy’s extensive background spans everything from print, TV, film, stage, and radio and web content development to manuscript coverage, editorial support and ghost-writing.

Since 2012, Cindy has worked extensively with First Nations governments and organizations to address their communications needs including culturally relevant annual reports, branding kits and campaigns.

She has also developed collateral for immigration, transportation, and civic award initiatives for the City of Vancouver, and created an online presence for the International Institute of Sustainable Development’s Comprehensive Wealth project, which considered a new framework for measuring national wealth.

Whether creating a communications strategy, or collateral package, or applying a final polish to the script for a marketing video, Cindy takes an inquisitive and collaborative approach. She works closely with clients to develop trusting, creatively open relationships that help ensure that visions are fully realized.